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  • KS-P2016-Z0011 Car Headrest
  • KS-P2016-Z0011 Car Headrest

KS-P2016-Z0011 Car Headrest

Description:Product description• Applicable people: adults• Brand: kingsuny• Fillers: (Polyurethane) (hydrogel)• Shape: Rectangle• Pillow Fabric: Cotton• Number of people: Single• Color classification: 24*23*13cm• Product rating: ExcellenceLabel descriptionPro
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Product description
• Applicable people: adults
• Brand: kingsuny
• Fillers: (Polyurethane) (hydrogel)
• Shape: Rectangle
• Pillow Fabric: Cotton
• Number of people: Single

• Color classification: 24*23*13cm
• Product rating: Excellence

Label description
Product Name: KS-P2016-Z0011 Car Headrest
Size: 24*23*13CM
Pillow cases: 40% Tencel
                       60% Polyester fiber
Pillow Lining: DuPont Health strong antibacterial cloth Breathable stretch mesh
Pillow inner: polyether polyurethane

    1、40 temperature can be washing, but can not be drying dry cleaning ironing chlorine bleaching
    2、This washing method is limited to table cloth
    3、The filling is prohibited from washing

  • KS-P2016-Z0011 Car Headrest
  • KS-P2016-Z0011 Car Headrest

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